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Venetian Shores is located in Islamorada in the Florida Keys near mile marker 86 on the bayside of Plantation Key. Many of the homes in Venetian shores have large dock spaces which allow owners to enjoy a place to park large, tall, and wide boats. Why live in the Florida Keys if you can not enjoy life cursing the oceans? Homes in Venetian Shores that do not have large dock spaces can park their boat at the VSYA Marina and join the Venetian Shores Yachting Association. Venetian Shores is also a prestigious neighborhood in Islamorada where it is not uncommon to find multi-story homes that have 4+ bedrooms. Many homes have more than 3000sqft of living space along with a pool!

Why Live In Venetian Shores, Islamorada

Venetian Shores is one of the best neighborhoods in Islamorada for boat owners! The homes in Venetian Shores are built on large canals, making it convenient to dock vessels of all sizes. Venetian Shores is the premier boating neighborhood that offers the rare luxury of immediate access to BOTH the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay. Venetian Shores, Islamorada offers this benefit for boats of all sizes thanks to Snake Creek. The Snake Creek Drawbridge, which opens on request to tall boat traffic.

Ocean Access

Large Docks

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Venetian Shores Homes for Sale | Buy or Sell Venetian Shores Real Estate

Whether you are a lifelong South Florida resident or you’re considering a move into the Islamorada area, few places are as inviting or beautiful as Venetian Shores, an Islamorada community that offers much more than tropical weather and seaside living. It delivers genuine connections with residents who are happy to invite newcomers into the fold.

Venetian Shores real estate is also a motivating factor for families or retirees looking for a change of pace. As a tropical community, the island’s residential streets offer homes that are luxurious, attractive, and very conveniently located, unlike any others you’ll find elsewhere in the country. Buying Venetian Shores homes for sale, therefore, stands as an investment into your future and a means to continue providing for your family.

While the rewards of buying real estate in Venetian Shores far outweigh the risks, it’s still a good idea to work with a Pine River Realty agent that lives in the area and fully understands the people who make up the community. Our agents have all the resources necessary to help them find your perfect Venetian Shores home.

Even if you already live in the community, we can still help should you plan to downsize or look for a home with a different view. Pine River Realty will help you sell your house faster without unnecessarily sacrificing the home’s value.

Why Hire an Agent When Looking for Venetian Shores Homes for Sale?

It might seem like a simple matter to use your phone or laptop to browse real estate listings for homes in Venetian Shores, but such a search in any region is time-consuming and often frustrating, seeing as how everyone has unique needs. Finding a home that meets those needs is bound to take considerable time.

As there are a number of other factors that can complicate your experience, here are a few reasons why you should leave your Venetian Shores real estate search in the hands of a Pine River Realty agent:

Focusing on More Important Tasks

Saving time is the most often-cited reason for hiring a real estate agent, and that’s just as true when searching for Venetian Shores real estate. When people move into the community, they rarely leave it, as there simply aren’t many motivations (aside from serious, life-changing events, like the passing of a loved one or divorce) for moving away from such a beautiful and relaxing South Florida home.

With that in mind, though, finding the right home on the market can take longer than you might expect, but you can allow Pine River Realty to take care of the search for you. We’ll look for homes that match your criteria and contact you with any listings that match what you’re looking for in a home. Meanwhile, you can focus your attention on your career, family, and hobbies.

Discover Unlisted Venetian Shores Homes for Sale

When you’re looking for a luxurious home for sale in South Florida, online listings may not be of much help. Homes in higher price ranges are often only listed on certain sites, and that’s only if the seller wants to list them in the first place. They may not feel rushed to sell, or they may have an interest in protecting their community from buyers who don’t intend to live on the property.

Pine River Realty has years of experience getting to know the Venetian Shores community under our belt, and our agents have developed lasting relationships with those who use our services, thus providing us with a vast network and the resources to discover new homes as quickly as possible. We’ll let you know about those homes as soon as we hear about them, thereby giving you a chance to compete against other potential buyers.

Find Your Home Before You Move

Viewing potential homes can be a challenge, especially if you’re planning to relocate to South Florida from another state and thus cannot make frequent trips into the area. Pine River Realty can, thankfully, take over the process on your behalf, updating you with our progress via emails and chats.

When we do find a home that interests you, we’ll make it easier for you to bid on the house from afar, meaning you won’t have to take the trip to Venetian Shores until you’re ready to close on your new home. Even when the sale is complete, we can offer additional help to make your move even easier by giving you ample information about the community you’ll be entering.

How Can an Agent Help You Sell Venetian Shores Real Estate?

Many generations ago, it was far easier to sell a home without an agent, but the introduction of more complex laws and a market that’s always in flux has made it far too risky to take on alone. The good news is that there are many ways in which a Pine River Realty agent can help you navigate the process.

We keep up with the real estate laws that affect South Florida, and our familiarity with the Venetian Shores market will help us give you more accurate insights when listing Venetian Shores homes for sale.

Know How to Boost Your Home’s Value

While more homeowners are learning that every renovation won’t increase their home’s market value, there are still many that are confused about the connection.

It’s not enough to improve your home: You must also make sure the sale of your home will cover the costs of the renovation and still increase your profit, and in most cases, renovations are unnecessary and a waste of resources.

Our agents can suggest minor repairs and updates that will produce far more effective results, and we’ll also recommend quick and easy changes you can make to give your home’s value a boost.

Know When to Sell Your Venetian Shores Real Estate

Selling at the right time can help you get more value out of your home, but listing Venetian Shores homes for sale at the wrong time can adversely affect your market experience. If there aren’t many buyers out of the gate, your home might sit on the market for too long, causing buyers to look past it, thinking there must be a reason for the lack of interest.

In these cases, a Pine River Realty agent might recommend taking your home off the market for a short period, somewhere between six to 12 months. Afterward, you can list the home again during a hot rise in the market. It is a tactic that has worked well for many sellers.

You can avoid that situation altogether, though, by talking to one of our agents first. We’ll recommend the best time to list your home to increase the likelihood that it will sell. You’ll also get a better price without going through a long negotiation process.

An Agent Can Handle Your Events

If you’re selling Venetian Shores real estate, there’s probably a good chance that you’re planning to move out of the region. You won’t have to wait until your home sells before making that move if you work with a Pine River Realty agent. We’ll list your home and host open houses on your behalf, allowing you to relocate or follow through with any other plans you have for the future.

When we find a buyer, we’ll handle the negotiations to ensure you get the best possible price, and if you need to return to Venetian Shores to tie up any loose ends, we’ll do the closing during your visit. Alternatively, we can help you close on your home through a digital process, saving you an extra trip to South Florida for just one meeting.

We’re Ready to Meet Your Venetian Shores Real Estate Needs

Pine River Realty is standing by to help you buy or sell Venetian Shores real estate. As our customer testimonials display, we offer courteous, informed, and effective assistance, and we concentrate fully on earning each customer’s total trust and complete satisfaction when dealing with Venetian Shores homes for sale. To discuss your Venetian Shores real estate needs, contact us today.

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