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Understand Insurance

Oceanfront homes typically have higher insurance costs due to its higher risk. Make sure your policy fully covers you in the even to floods or hurricanes. 

Get A Land Survey

Knowing where your property line ends is a bit complex when you are on the ocean. It is best to consult with a land surveyor. 

Hurricane Windows

Look for Hurrican impact windows. Being on the water has increased risk so having hurricane impact windows is a must and a necessary upgrade if it has not been replaced.

Investigate additions

Make sure you speak with the city permiting department to see requirements of adding things like dock spaces. 

Look out for fees

Look out for inceased fees such as water and sewer rates, taxes, boat dock and lift fees, and etc. 


You may want to invest in some trees/plants to keep your privacy. You may see a lot of boaters going thru the canal and they will be able to see your backyard  

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